Jonas T. Kaplan, Ph.D.
PEATE - Perl Event-related Average Timecourse Extraction
Peate is intended as a companion tool to FSL. It produces average signal timecourses for a specified epoch surrounding all events of a given type, within a region of interest. Note that if your events are very close together in time, hemodynamic responses will be overlapping; Peate does not attempt to deconvolve the response to each event to resolve this overlap, it simply does selective averaging.

PEATE VERSION 3.01, October, 2013

I've recompiled Peate and fixed a few things to bring it into the modern era. Plotting now works again out of the box. This is a brand new version, so its not well tested. Please let me know if you have any issues. (The underlying script hasn't changed in some time, only the application/GUI is being updated here. )

Click here to read about or download the Cocoa version of Peate for Mac OS X.

Click here to read about the non-Cocoa version which uses Perl/Tk or a command line interface.


Peate is free software. Source code for the cocoa binaries is available for download on the software download page. Basically, you are free to modify or redistribute the software as long as you keep it free and open.